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21 Surprising Things You Need in Your First Aid Kit

21 Surprising Things You Need in Your First Aid Kit

Weekly topic – Things you may have forgotten in your first aid kit.

Day 1

  • Caffeine pills – not only are they great to give you that extra push you may need, but they also have a medical purpose. Anyone who has gone without caffeine for a few days will tell you the withdrawal headaches is nightmare.
  • Honey and sugar packets – for anyone who has diabetes and need to raise their blood sugar. Ib prefer these over candies as they don’t go bad as quick.
  • Super Glue – yes super glue makes a great sealer for wounds under the right conditions. For more information check out this link to The Mayo Clinic.

Day 2

  • Mirror – you never know when you will have to perform first aid on yourself.
  • Mole Skin – got a blister or a burn, mole skin is a life saver.
  • Lighter – can be used to sterilize a needle or tweezers.

Day 3

  • Pencil and paper – if someone is sent to the hospital in a situation where emergency services are overwhelmed, a written note on what happened literally could be a lifesaver.
  • Feminine hygiene products – the females in your party may not have had time to pack them.
  • Hemostatic Agent – A hemostatic agent is a drug that stops bleeding. BleedStop is what I keep in my first aid kit.

Day 4

  • Pack of cigarettes – nicotine withdraw is a medical condition. People suffering from nicotine withdrawal can be come angry causing issues for you and your group.
  • Electrolyte powder – dehydration is major risk factor during natural disasters. Electrolyte powder will help you maintain good blood levels when drinking extra water to recover from dehydration.
  • Duck tape – yes, it is great for splints, holding bandages in place, and a thousand other things.

Day 5

  • Magnifying glass – helpful when taking out splinters.
  • Meds list – always keep a printed copy of your medications and allergies in your first aid kit.
  • Glowstick – can be used as a mark for emergency personnel.

Day 6

  • Toothache pain reliever – yes toothaches happen during emergencies also. Best to be prepared.
  • Hemorrhoids relieve gel – dehydration is a common occurrence during emergencies which can cause issue with your hemorrhoids. A severe case of hemorrhoids can bring any tough man to tears.
  • Oatmeal – great for getting the sting out of insect bites.

Day 7

  • Sulfa powder – used during World War II, is a great antibiotic for wounds and has a long shelf life. Get advice from a doctor before use.
  • Naloxone (Narcan) — intentional overdose due to depression or despair is possible.
  • Suture Practice Pad – If in a real SHTF situation, you had better believe I am going to practice before doing Suturing on anyone. You can find it at

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You can view of list of items for a basic first aid kit HERE.

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