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wisedry 1000CC [24 Packs] Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers for Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Long Term Food Storage

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Price: $17.99
(as of Dec 08,2022 13:26:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

oxygen absorbers for food storageoxygen absorbers for food storage

1000cc oxygen absorbers1000cc oxygen absorbers

1000CC oxygen absorbers1000CC oxygen absorbers

Supplies Needed:

1. Foods 2.Oxygen absorbers 3. Containers for storing foods and the leftover oxygen absorbers(mason jar with a gasketed lid or mylar bags)

Step1: Get your foods, oxygen absorbers and appropriate container ready, all should be dry;

Step2: Fill the container with dry foods that need to be stored. Do not overfill the container and leave some space for sealing;

Step3: Open the package of the oxygen absorber, take the appropriate number of absorbers for use;

Step4: Seal the container and put away in a cool & dry place;

Step5: Place the leftover ones in a small mason jar, and seal the lid tightly. Or store them in a small mylar bag, vacuum seal them immediately for safe-keeping.

Warm Notice

300cc oxygen absorbers

300cc oxygen absorbers

oxygen absorbers food safe

oxygen absorbers food safe

mylar bags with oxygen absorbers

mylar bags with oxygen absorbers

mylar bags with oxygen absorbers

mylar bags with oxygen absorbers

Oxygen absorber packets getting warm indicates they’re working.

The oxygen absorber is made of iron powder, they will generate heat when reacting with O2 in the air, and the heat won’t cause any danger. Just seal the package immediately and tightly when storing, after the Oz inside the package all had been removed, the oxygen absorbers will stop getting warm until exposed to new air.

Mylar bag won’t have a “Vacuum-Packed Look” after using the oxygen absorbers.

Oxygen absorbers are only absorbing the oxygen, the remainder of the atmospheric air which is about 80 percent. So 1/5 of the air volume will be gone but 4/5 of the air remains no matter how many oxygen absorbers are used. Don’t worry, the remaining gases are not harmful to food.

Condensation is a physical phenomenon after using the oxygen absorbers.

Moisture exists in the air, although we can’t see it. When oxygen absorbers react with O2, they will get warm, which will cause a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the jar, so a condensation occurs, like condensations on windows or windshields in the winter. After all the oxygen inside the jar been removed, no new reactions, the moisture will back to gas status.

Do not used with oily food.

Please do not use with oily food, if need to store oil food, please use the anti oil function oxygen absorbers only.

large oxygen absorbers for food storagelarge oxygen absorbers for food storage

✅ [24 Packets] – 1000cc x 24 packs, pre-packaged in a factory vacuum sealed pack.
✅ [1000 CC Oxygen Absorption Capacity] – wisedry oxygen absorbers for food storage brings you best in freshness, 2 packs 1000cc is sufficient for a 5 gallon container.
✅ [Food Grade ] – Packet material is food safe and strictly tested for food purpose, safe to be used with foods and pharmaceuticals storage.
✅ [Widely Use] – Oxygen Absorber is the best natural-freshness preserver that maintains the original taste, flavor, color, and nutritive value of food. Widely used for homemade jerky, medicine bottles, herbs and spices, candy jars storage.
✅ [ A Common Misconception ] – Some people may think the Mylar bag will look “Vacuum-Packed” when the oxygen has been removed, if not, means the oxygen absorbers don’t work. It’s wrong. Oxygen absorbers only absorb oxygen, which is about 21% of air, so 1/5 of the air volume will be gone but 4/5 of the air remains no matter how many oxygen absorbers are used.

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