Hurricane Preparedness – Communication Plan

What is a hurricane communication plan

A hurricane communication plan is a detailed strategy to effectively communicate before, during, and after a hurricane. The main goal of a hurricane communication plan is to help you, your family and friends stay safe by having timely and accurate information.

Creating a hurricane communication plan

Creating a good hurricane communication plan is one of the key items in ensuring the safety and well being of you and your family during a hurricane. A good communication plan can help you stay up to date on the whereabouts of family and friends, important information, evacuation orders, and safety guidelines.

A hurricane communication plan should cover all of the following stages of preparedness.

  • Hurricane season.
  • An approaching storm.
  • During a storm.
  • Storm recovery.
  • Hurricane season plan.
  • State up to date.
    • In the world of social media, 24 hour news cycle and smart phones it is easier than ever to stay up to date on when an approaching storm is coming and the likelihood of it affecting you.
    • To ensure you keep up to date on the latest storm information make sure to check the news daily and follow credible and reliable sources on social media. The latest fashion model or reality TV star is probably not the best source for storm information, instead follow your local news station or NOAA. Sign up for emergency alerts on your phone.

Create your Family and friends communication plan

The beginning of hurricane season is the best time to create your family and friends communication plan which should include the following.

Communicate on where you will go in the event of an evacuation. If you have pets make sure the place you are staying accepts them.

  • Set up group text and social media messages that can be used to send updates.
  • Make sure you have the contact information for your neighbors.
  • Designate an out of town friend or relative as a main contact point for updates.
  • Establish local and a far away meet up place in the event you get separated during a storm.
  • Communicate your evacuation route with friends and family.
  • Find out if anyone in your neighborhood has a HAM radio or other communication device that can be used if phone services are down.

An approaching storm plan

  • If a storm is approaching make sure to stay up to date on the latest predictions and what areas are being advised to evacuate.
  • Test your text and social group messages to make sure all contacts are up to date.
  • Communicate to your family and friends your intention to evacuate or stay put.
  • Share updates from reliable sources on your social media and via text messages to ensure others are aware of the storm.
  • If you rent inform your landlord of your intentions.
  • Share your plans with your doctor and medical providers if you plan on evacuating.

During a storm plan

  • If trouble happens call 911.
  • Communications during a storm can be difficult as cell phones, internet and land lines may be effected. It is best that you have a battery powered radio or TV to ensure you can keep up with the latest information.
  • Make sure to keep friends and family updated on your whereabouts and conditions as much as possible.
  • In some cases, group text messages may not go through, try sending to one person at a time and in the form of a SMS not MMS.

Storm recovery plan

  • Keep in contact with your family and friends on your condition and that or your property.
  • If you have damaged make sure to take pictures and videos and alert your insurance company.
  • Make sure they have alternative contact information if phone and the internet are down.
  • Listen to the local news on where assistance is available if needed.
  • Check on others in your group to see who needs assistance.
  • If everything is good then send an all clear to your family and friends so they know you are safe.

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