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Preparing for a Winter Storm

Weekly topic – Preparing for a Winter Storm

Day 1 First make sure you are familiar with what is a winter watch, warning, and Advisory so you know the danger approaching. Below is a explanation of each one. Watch – A watch is generally issued in the 24 to 72 hour forecast time frame when the risk of a hazardous winter weather event has ...


Basic First Aid Kit

21 Surprising Things You Need in Your First Aid Kit

Caffeine pills - not only are they great to give you that extra push you may need, but they also have a medical purpose. Anyone who has gone without caffeine for a few days will tell you the withdrawal headaches is nightmare. Honey and sugar packets - for anyone who has diabetes and need to raise their blood sugar. Ib prefer these over candies as they don't go bad as quick. Super Glue - yes super glue makes a great sealer for wounds under the right conditions. For more information check out this link to The Mayo Clinic.